5 Tips for Selling a House

1. Make those repairs. While in years past it may have been enough just to cut the grass and retouch the paint, anyone looking to sell a house in today’s market will have to take care of those more onerous repair projects as well.

2. Price to the market. Unfortunate though it may be for sellers, demand for Palm Springs real estate has softened significantly. That means, in many cases, sellers will have to bring down their asking price below what the house might have fetched just a couple of years back.

3. Know your agent’s stats: Finding an real estate agent near you with experience selling homes in your market will help ensure correct pricing. When deciding on a real estate agent, find out how long it usually takes him or her to sell a house.

4. Be flexible. Ensuring that your house is ready to show at all times will make it easier for prospective buyers to see it. So make your bed each morning and clean up the dishes before open houses, just in case someone may want to come by at the last minute. In addition, homeowners should be willing to disappear on Saturday and Sunday afternoons if potential buyers are free to see the property.

5. Bite your tongue: If a potential buyer comes in with an offer you consider too low, resist the urge to turn up your nose.

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